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Book Review: Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair! by Lee Fox

And you know what? I don't blame her! Come see why here .

Book Reviews are Here!

You've been asking how to instill a positive self image in your girls, and one of the most effective tools I've used is flooding them with positive images of black beauty. I try to find stories that celebrate things they experience in their own lives. Why should they feel important if they never see themselves as central figures in books and entertainment? I review the following books: 1. Shante Keys and the New Year's Peas by Gail Piernas-Davenport 2. I love My Hair by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley 3. Honey, I Love by Eloise Greenfield 4. The All-I'll-Ever-Want Christmas Doll by Patricia McKissack 5. Satchel Paige: Don't Look Back by David A. Adler 6. Cornrows by Camille Yarbrough I make mention of the following: 1. Rosa by Nikki Giovanni The focus of this review was on the images, but in the future I will review one book per video and give a summary of the stories with some insight on what I liked, disliked, and where the conversation went with my girls. Che

African Threading:Cornrow-Threaded Bun

So you can watch my second attempt with MG3 here . Things I did differently? 1. Fewer Braids. 2. Cornrowed the base, instead of individual threaded sections. 3. Wound the thread around the base only 2 times. 4. Wound the thread more firmly down the length of the braid. This resulted in a stiffer braid. 5. Left a lot more excess string at the ends, and tucked them away. I'll be back in a couple of weeks to share if any of this helped.

African Threading: The Take Down

So I ran into some problems taking down MG3's hair....I share it all here --along with some valuable lessons. As bad as it looked, MG3's hair felt so good, I was determined to work harder on my technique to improve this method for her. Time will tell. Stay tuned for round 2!

Happy Girl Hair Spotlight!

I was honored when Katie contacted me for an interview for her blog, Happy Girl Hair . I'm sure she's no stranger to you all. Slide over there and see ! Thanks Katie!

Update on African Threading

It's only been a couple of days but I've learned so much already. Let's look at the girls: 1. My fuzzy wuzzy is... ...well...fuzzy wuzzy of course! LOL! She's wearing red in today's picture. 2. MG2 initially had hers loose... I had to braid it up and put a ponytail holder around the ends. I plan to remove the ponytail holder and braid her threaded plaits all the way down to the ends just like I did for MG3 in the video. Here are my thoughts: 1. Remember how I cropped the string flush with their hair? My concern was to make the string as invisible as possible because I intended to leave the hair hanging. I think this would have worked better if I had added beads or barrettes to the end. The single knot was not strong enough to stay tied because of the friction caused by the movement of MG2's loose plaits. When she woke up after the first night of sleeping on the style, I noticed that several of the plaits had string beginning to unravel. This could have

Stretch Your Daughter's Hair HEAT FREE with African Hair Threading?

I can NOT believe how much the African Threading process stretched out MG2's really damp, highly shrunken hair. In fact, it's still damp in the above picture, but the tension of the thread is keeping her hair stretched out. I wasn't even looking for this, but I'll take it! I'm told by GirlsLoveYourCurls that Africans use this method to stretch out their hair without heat. I'm sold! I'll post pictures a couple of weeks from now when I take this style down so you can see how stretched her hair is loose. Follow me step by step as I show you what I did with this combo style: Step 1: Detangle and moisturize. I used plain water to dampen the hair to help me coax out the snarls first with my fingers followed by my Tangle Teezer brush. I locked in the moisture using my shea butter mix . Step 2: Part the hair from ear to ear and clip away the top half. Step 3: Make your first vertical part to begin cornrowing down. Cornrow down the length of the row you'

African Hair Threading on MG3 (VideoTutorial)

You can watch how I fumbled my way through this one here .