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Shea Moisture, Is Our Hair Struggle the Same? | Washington Post Article

Hey Mocha Family, Let's keep the conversation going! Be blessed!

Thoughts on Shea Moisture Apology & My Eyebrows

Hey Mocha Family, So many people have already shared their opinion, but I wanted to add mine as fuel for thought.  I haven't been satisfied with the performance of my Shea Moisture products in a while.  I don't know if I purchased something with a new formula or if I was just over the hype.  I've heard some people react to this situation by boycotting Shea Moisture.  This is moot for me since I had no future plans to make a purchase anyway. I'm glad they quickly made an apology which effectively communicates that they understand the angst, but will it be enough? Be blessed!

6 Month Lock Update |Side by Side Comparison: 1 Month vs 6 Months

Hey Mocha Family, The one month versus six month comparison is worth seeing if you think your locks aren't changing and growing fast enough. Be blessed!

First Ear Piercing | My Baby is a Big Girl!

Hey Mocha Family, What an emotional experience!  I wasn't expecting it.  We were shopping and I said to Ms. MB who had been asking to get her ears pierced for weeks, "You want to get your ears pierced today?" The mixed emotions were completely unexpected. Most likely she's my last child so I notice every time we experience something with her that will be a family moment for the last time.  Is it just me? I was really proud of Ms. MB, and so glad that my daughter asked to record the moment.  Aside from pictures, I don't typically think to video tape.  So strange for someone who makes YouTube videos. Be blessed!

Easy Twist Maintenance

Hey Mocha Family, Watching this video has made me realize how much I have changed.  Back in the day, I'd be working hard to get all the girls' hair done tonight in preparation for Easter service.  These days I don't really altar our routine, but try to work with where we are in the process.  I may use a few extra accessories tomorrow but a little bit of fuzz really doesn't bother me anymore. It feels good. Be blessed!

Stop Negative Self Talk | Keys to Success

Hey Mocha Family, Negative self talk is so destructive.  I think there is a graveyard of wasted potential simply because we talk ourselves out of a blessed life.  Suffering is unavoidable but we are born to live out our purpose and I know for me, negative self talk is such a stumbling block. I really have to remind myself that I am here as a mentor.  One who shares what I have received.  I can't be distracted by the process or overwhelmed by my busy life.  As long as I upload the download, we're good, right?  Time out for making the wrong assessments and kudos for staying the course! Be blessed!

How to Teach Better Math Part 3 | Making Your Math Books Work for You

Hey Mocha Family, Here's the last one! Be blessed!

How to Teach Better Math Part 2 | Mastering the Basics, Why Are Word Pro...

Hey Mocha Family, I love watching Mocha Dad in action!  These spontaneous chats happen any time.  I love the fact that we don't always have to be doing school to be learning new things.  Mocha Dad's reminder that learning the basics well is so much more important than getting too deep too early was timely for me.  I've been applying these principles and have noticed a big difference in my daughters already. Be blessed!

How to Teach Better Math Part 1| Curriculum, Building Confidence

Hey Mocha Family, I am grateful to Mocha Dad for making time for this conversation.  It was so helpful to me that I wanted to share the entire thing.  There are three videos in all to be released Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7 pm. Let me know what you think! Be blessed.

Busy Mom Hair Regimen For Girls | Condition, Wash, Detangle and Style

Hey Mocha Family, I haven't been slacking with on the hair videos.  I just haven't been doing hair!  I never thought I'd find myself too busy for the leisurely Princess Days of old.  Weekends are often booked or we're dealing with the unexpected like this week's stomach bug.  Thankfully it has stopped making it way through the family. I was feeling all kinds of mommy guilt, until I was slid my fingers through my daughter's healthy strands and remembered that our natural hair can be resilient.  What a relief that the girls' hair is thriving! I am excited to share our new Busy Mom Hair Regimen for Girls.  I'm getting my daughters more involved with the process, and fine tuning the steps to save time. Be blessed!