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Are we reading to our kids enough?

We spend so much time trying to pull negative things out of our kids, but how much time do we really spend purposefully offering them a desirable alternative. When it comes to promoting a healthy self image in our daughters (and sons), I'm learning that I really need to be proactive. I need to present to my children the norm I want them to have. If you're reading this blog, I'm probably preaching to the choir --clearly YOU read-- but we really need to be reading to our kids. Some of us are juggling so much and I know it can be hard even to find a moment to breathe, but we must read to our children. I believe it is a highly effective tool to foster rich discussion about a plethora of issues. I always marvel at how much my kids are drawn to images. Are you sick of listening to them watch their favorite video over and over yet? If we give them the opportunity, kids will do the same with books they love. I often find mine staring and thinking. What if the image they are

ASK Mocha Mom: Summer Hair

I received a question on the fanpage too long to answer in that tiny box we get. I've decided to start an ASK Mocha Mom feature to this blog. I'll still answer your questions in the comments, but if I don't have a blog post I can refer you to, or my answer is too involved I'll answer you like this so we can all benefit from the discussion. Here's Pam's question: CMD, how does the texture of hair change with the change of seasons? We are going into warmer months and I was wondering what does that mean in relationship to my daughter's hair? Good question Pam! Her texture won't change but her hair will certainly behave differently if the climate where you live changes in the summer. The primary factors are heat and moisture. Hair is dead, but you'd think it's alive because of the way it reacts to water. I'm sure you've noticed that when you wet your daughter's hair, it probably stretches out a little because of the weight of t

Mocha Mom Speaks about Length Retention and Protective Styling

My hair on the day I put in my Braidlocks before the shrinkage set in. I considered making another video, but opted to return to my first love--writing. I've been reflecting on the many responses I've received on my Hot Topic: The Tangle Teezer is Breaking my Hair video. I've been wondering if there's a little more to my success story. There was a time my daughters' hair remained the same length year after year. I thought their hair wasn't growing or had reached terminal length--meaning their hair had grown as long as it could possibly grow. It never occurred to me that their hair was breaking off at the ends as quickly as it was growing in from the roots. Culturally, as people of African descent, we do many things to our hair that's death to our ends. I never set out to retain length. Something changed in me during a completely unrelated experience. I talk about it in detail in my post Her mother needs to do her

Natural Beauties in the City Episode 9 - The Children's Episode!

I entered the Mocha Girls in the Identity Pillow Giveaway! You can watch our video entry here :

Magic Flower Pot: A Tangle Teezer for Girls!

When I saw this I contacted Tangle Teezer about trying this out so I can share it with you! Of course I taped my trial. You can see it here .

Want more Cherish the Momma?

I'm working on some more Cherish the Momma segments. Our girls watch us, imitate us--we're leading by example whether we're trying to or not. I want to pass on as many positive things as I can. I also want to break bad habits. For example, my entire life I've hated to sweat, but sweating is good for our bodies in so many ways. Not only are we eliminating waste through the body's largest organ, we are promoting hair growth with all the circulation our sweating process brings to the scalp. Let's get moving for ourselves and for our daughters! The benefits are endless. I find it easier if I'm doing something fun. Here's another one of us --check out Pam's quick Zumba workout video on YouTube. Try it! In my enthusiasm, I worked up a nice sweat. I also enjoy her blog, because of her insight on raising fit kids .

Mocha Baby get's her hair washed for the first time... the kitchen sink! We video taped it to share with you here .

Cherish the Momma: The Stay at Home Mom

Choosing to stay at home can be difficult for many of us. For those of us who want to pursue a higher degree of education or have already spent years earning a professional degree, it can seem like a waste. Check out the video response I made to Chocolatetresses--a fellow subscriber who posted a video about her struggle with her recent decision to focus her energies at home.

Using Classics with a Different Spin to Teach a Positive Message

What a unique spin to an old favorite! I think the relationship emphasized in the story Ponyella is sweet and a really positive message to share with young girls. Check out my book review video here . *Also--I have set up multiple playlists on the YouTube channel to help make it easy to find what you may be looking for. For discussion: Have you come across any new versions of classics you like? I really like some of the animal versions, but I also like the people versions with a special twist. Ever watched the movie Penelope ? I don't recommend this movie for young girls, because I'm not interested in introducing my girls to a lot of romance at an early age. Also, I'm not sure that the way Hollywood does romance, sends the best messages toward helping people to develop realistic and wholesome partnerships. That said, I enjoy a good chic flick as much as any other woman, but it's getting harder and harder to look the other way at the questionable content. Anyway.

African Threading: With a little practice...

I've been a little anxious about taking down Mg3's hair after our last experience. You can watch how it went here . This one is super short, but I'm so excited to share my progress! One thing I found helpful was using the sharp end of a sewing needle to pry apart the knot at the end of her hair. The end of my rat tail comb was too fat.

African Threading: Taking down Mg2's hair after a month!

Yes ya'll! I left this style in for a month! You can find out why and how the take down went here .

Hot Topic: "Girl I can't stand those natural nazis!"

Why should my stance on my hair make you feel bad about your stance on yours? I dish about it here .