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Fuzzy to Fabulous: Styling Old Box Braids | Braided Leah Buns

Hey Mocha Family! All I can say about this video (Saturday's video) being out today is....WHY???? I scheduled it wrong somehow.  Do you like the back to back releases better? Thank you so much for all of your encouragement on my Summer Hair Vacation FAIL video!  You inspired me to keep the style in until August, and in this video I show you just how right you were.  I really like the results and hope this helps someone else in a time crunch somewhere. Be blessed!

New Curriculum Unboxing | Heart of Dakota Unboxing

Hey Mocha Family! I am starting over! First, let me say that I am very grateful for the support Abeka afforded when while working with multiple students at different levels. This post is not about what Abeka is doing wrong. I've been feeling the urge to return to a more personal approach all year.  My ten year old is extremely extroverted and was really frustrated with watching a screen.  She wants to have a real person, interacting with her in real time for school.  Perhaps online classes will work for her in the future, but I noticed that she was becoming more and more frustrated with her videos and making excuses to avoid school altogether.  She came alive any time I had to stop and explain things to her.  I want to see more of that. I've been around this block before, of making a radical changes to curriculum. It's hard!  I already know Abeka video and could probably jump back in anytime.  It's more comfortable for me to return to Abeka video, though it

Summer Braid Vacation FAIL | Small Box Braids

Hey Mocha Family! I do small box braids for the girls this every summer and we typically spend two months with no hair worries. I don't know what I did differently this time, but I just don't think we'll be able to make it to the middle of August.  Check out the video and let me know in the comment section if you think I can save my hair vacation?

Busy Life Update | #blacklivesmatter, #alllivesmatter, Killing Policemen

Hey Mocha Family, I talk a lot about how I feel as an average law abiding black citizen in this country, but maybe you're an average law abiding white citizen who actually gets all of this, but are not sure what you can do to help. I'm not going to lie to you.  It won't be easy and you may have to take some flack from the camp your skin color put you in.  I realize that many of us would like to self identify as color blind, but truthfully our society is very conscious and unaccepting of color.  You are in a camp, even if you didn't walk there on your own, but you don't have to stay there. What I would like to suggest is that you open your mouth.  Not on the street corner with a megaphone, but when you're with your friends, family, acquaintances and the conversation comes up about the ruckus black folks are making over our perceived injustices.  I realize that you don't agree with them, and that maybe you cringe inside every time, but it would rea

Updated Wash and Go with Finger Coils

Hey Mocha Family, The other day, a lady around my mother's age asked me what chemical I used in my hair to get it to look like this? I panicked for a moment and wondered if she thought I was rocking a Gheri Curl from the eighties or something.  Ya'll know, that's my biggest fear, haha! Truth be told, I have perfected my wash and go, learning how to work with the varying textures on my head.  Most of my hairs naturally form tiny coils about the size of a pen spring.  By finger coiling the other areas, I can create that pattern all over my head. I recorded the video above in real time, while on vacation.  I share all my new tricks and show you step by step how I use my products to achieve this look.  As my hair gets longer, I can wear this style for about a week before having to wash and repeat the process. Let me know what you think! Be blessed!

How to Keep the Passion Alive in Your Marriage

Hey Mocha Family, Sex is no shocker to God, yet I find that it's a subject we avoid altogether, or discuss in hushed tones. In my Christian circles, I seldom see anything instructional to enhance the experience, neither have I been offered a forum to garner support if I'm struggling. If I've managed to stay happy in marriage, and am enjoying better days year by year, why not share what's been learned with someone else?  No wonder divorce is at an all time high, with some people deciding never to even try marriage at all! I confess that this took more than one take, but once I realized how ridiculous my awkwardness was and how responsible I am as someone free to enjoy sex according to the biblical plan laid out by God, I couldn't get the words out fast enough!  I think God met me there and hope that you will be encouraged. Let me know down below if your experience has been different and how people around your are sharing the wealth! Be blessed!

How to Perfect Your Hair Regimen

Hey Mocha Family! I have wondered whether it is even necessary to continue this online hair conversation.  There have been so many blogs, magazine articles, and YouTube videos from documentaries to how to's and talk shows.  Now there are so many products available for us to try.  Surely, the journey to mastering a hair regimen is so much easier today, then back in 1994 when I started.  No internet, cell phones in everyone's pockets, and no YouTube for a person to access how to videos on just about anything. Back in the day I kept a dog eared copy of Good Hair , by Lonnice Brittenum-Bonner on my person both as reference, and a means of encouragement not to give up.  It helped, but I was so much more successful at staying the course upon finding support online from real people all over the world who were searching for answers just like me and open to sharing their wins and fails. According to my cousins, pictured above, who were immediately snatched for a video when