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The Who Needs the Questions Tag Video with Head Mocha Girl

Finger Detangling Made Easy?

My Best High School Advice To Parents

Ask Mocha Mom: No Media. Now What?

Quick Tip: The ponytail holder is stuck!

Styling My TWA

Hot Topic: Can't you just see me and be OK with that?

Yours girls are punishment for tormenting your mother!

I had an awful experience at the bank while waiting in line to make a deposit with my 3 youngest girls. I knew I should have used the drive through! Lady ahead of me: These all your girls? Me (Big smile on my face): No I have 4 girls! Lady ahead of me: You were awful to your mother weren't you? Me (what??????): No my mother and I have a great relationship! Lady ahead of me: They say you get lots of girls if you were awful to your mother. Me: I needed girls! I have grown so much. I am so glad God gave them to me. God gives you what you need. Lady ahead of me: I have two girls and if I had another one I would shoot myself. Me (really Lady?): Well, I really like my girls. Lady ahead of me: I love my girls, but....(look of horror, and you must be crazy on her face). My girls stood silently listening to it all. I am a trained counselor so I understand that this woman is probably going through some hard stuff with her daughters. I wanted to be empathetic and re

Salon Vs. Barber Shop: My Experience

Two days in and I am a drop out already! | Oil Cleansing

High Top Blow Out

Goodbye Oily Skin! | Oil Cleansing

Ask Mocha Mom: Should my daughter get Sisterlocks at age seven?

Mommy & Mocha Girl 3

My Beach Game Needs Help!

Don't. Judge. Me. So we came back from the beach super late last night, and I allowed everyone to fall into bed as is. It was very late and I knew that I had nothing left to give. Yes, I know that there are showers at the beach, but am I the only one who gets grossed out by floors?  One look at the soggy tissue paper, and sandy trails was all I needed to help me decide that sitting on damp towels for the drive home was no big deal. I need some help with my beach game.  I have to acknowledge that sand is a real game changer, and my pool regimen needs some tweaking. I did feel panicked to see sand embedded in the girls' braids and scalp. A good night of sleep gave me a renewed sense to do Mommy, and I am so glad we waited. A bottle of Trader Joe's Refresh worked wonders for a co-wash.  The sand rinsed cleanly away! We finished off with apple cider vinegar rinses.  We are definitely living the fuzzy life, but the girls have super soft hair with all of this

Lessons From My Garden

If you follow me on Facebook, you've already heard that I feel over committed this summer. I feel a lot like the white flower pictured above. This morning I  finally  enjoyed about an hour of weeding in my garden.  I generally don't enjoy weeding, though I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I am done.  Yet today I did my weeding with great pleasure, because I was  finally  able to get to it. As I was working, I noticed that weeds flourish in some parts of my garden and not others. I planted all of my flowers at the same time, yet the weed sparse areas have fat robust arrangements.  I thought there was no hope for the flowers in the weed infested areas. You can imagine my surprise to find this, after just a little bit of focused work! This little flower is filling me with hope and renewed purpose. I see the weeds as all the  busy  that is choking me to death this summer.  This morning, I felt down for the count, but this little flower has reminded me that l

My TWA Regimen

Mommy & Ms Mocha Baby

TWA Regimen and Products

I thought I could jump right back into caring for a TWA like seven years involving growing out my hair and having locks had never happened. I can't believe how much I forgot! As much as I love the new look, it was so embarrassing to expose a scalp that is not completely healthy. I panicked! Trial and error is still the best teacher.  Slowly it all came back to me and I am now rocking a flake free scalp. Video available on Thursday on   YouTube This three pack makes a lot of sense for me since I am using so much.

TWA 2015 | Hello Summer! Goodbye Locks

Twenty-one Years of Marriage

Twenty-one years ago today I was shaky about everything but the assurance that the next step for me was to marry Mocha Dad.  I was only twenty-two years old! I am feeling especially grateful towards all of the friends and family who stood with us in support that day.  Some of whom must have been collectively scratching their heads to see me say I do only one month after graduating college.  My future husband had several more intense years to finish up in graduate school.  Life is funny because while adjusting to marriage was challenging, and having both of us pursue graduate degrees at the same time meant our schedules were grueling, I remember those first years as being some of the happiest in my life. I am so glad I took that step.  I could never have anticipated all of the Mocha blessings.  Thank God for being in it and continuing to help us through.  Marriage is hard work and we haven't reached perfection by any stretch of the imagination, but we are happy to have each

Park & Walk Update

I lived around 165 pounds when I first started to P&W in the spring (before I recorded the video). This morning I weighed in at 156. I have not been on any other exercise regimen because of my knees. I am out and about often. It has become a fun game for me to see how far I can P&W every single time. My days have become filled with physical activity, which for me has been far better than having one intense work out during the day. Here is my original video. As always, when something has helped me, I enjoy sharing it with you. Original P&W Video

What I am Using to Fade Dark Spots and Even Skin Tone on my Face

If you don't have a Walmart near you, and are looking to purchase this product online it is a little more expensive.  You may find it more convenient to order online.  I typically find it in the body lotion aisle in Walmart.  I was extremely frustrated to go in yesterday to replenish my stash only to see an empty shelf.  The sales representative insisted that she had never heard of this brand, and they only carry what I was seeing in front of me.  I told her that I purchase this product all of the time. The lady argued with me for at least five minutes. In my mind I was saying, Really Lady?   Do you really think I would waste my time arguing with you about this product if I haven't been coming to Walmart to get it for years? You can imagine her surprise when she finally read the labels on the shelf to discover that they do carry the product, were temporarily out of stock and a shipment was coming in two days. Ya'll know me. Side. Eye. Fruit of the Earth Aloe V

Fresh Start

I am a Mocha Mom and I am back with a fresh start with my hair and this blog!  I am enjoying the new layout.  Are you? A really chatty video is coming tomorrow about my new cut and why my locks are gone.  I loved my locks and was amazed to experience for myself as many lockers before me have testified, "You just know when you are ready to let them go." I have to apologize for neglecting this blog and focusing all of my limited time on the YouTube channel and Facebook page. I have missed blogging and am glad to be back. Is anybody STILL out there?  If so, leave a comment letting me know you're glad to see me.