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Saying Goodbye to Bekah | How We Connect as Mother and Daughter

Hey Mocha Family, This was one intense weekend for us but I am so glad to see Bekah spread her wings and fly.  My sister was right when she said told me to stop being sad about releasing her.  This is the natural order of things, but it's OK to honor the difficulty of the process. Thank you for supporting her all of these years.  She'll be back to greet ya'll again. Be blessed!

10 Month Lock Update: Dryness, Dull locks, Best Hair Teas

Hey Mocha Family, I am super excited this month because at I am really close to the one year mark!  I've adapted to my locks and now that the proverbial pot is no longer being watched, time seems to be flying!  This month's video is all about my renewed love of hair teas and how I am combating dryness, while staying away from oils. Be blessed!

Situations Where Depression May be Experienced

Hey Mocha Family, I am using the term depression loosely.  Many people associate sadness and having a bad day with depression, but depression is a serious clinical condition with specific symptoms.  I am using this language in an effort to effectively communicate with the average person with no clinical background. Since people can experience a significant number of the symptoms associated with depression I thought it fair to use the term. Be blessed!

Summer Vacation Family Vlog | Hiking in Bear Country

Hey Mocha Family! I've been stepping out of my comfort zone more and more lately.  When I'm old, I want to be satisfied that I lived and wasn't afraid to try things.  So many people have told me not to fear wild animals because they are shy of humans, but I've watched too many movies.  I was a little nervous, but after seeing so many people come off the trail, I decided that nothing was stopping me from experiencing God's marvelous creation.  I hope you enjoy the video.  The views were even more gorgeous in real life. Be blessed!