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Showing posts from November, 2017

Car Chat: Busy and Thriving

I can be busy and thrive? Who knew? Hey Mocha Family! I love doing these car chats.  I feel like I can be comfortable and just share what's going on with me.  I hope you like them too.  I  appreciate a weekly shooting schedule, but I also want to be free to throw in some wild cards.  I hope you enjoy this new format. Be blessed!

Hair Freedom: Do What You Want!

Hey Mocha Family, How are you doing with your hair?  These days I'm feeling free in a way I've never felt before.  Some things I thought were so important in the past just don't matter to me anymore.  I'm in a good place. Be blessed!

Is Natural Hair Care too Hard?

Hey Mocha Family, Has it always been this hard or is my busy life crowding out my passion for natural hair?  I am so glad I decided to do a set of box braids for my girls.  For some reason I thought up dos fashioned with big braids, were more dedicated and creative.  They didn't last as long as box braids, and I was constantly beating myself up when the take down was long overdue. It's back to basics for me, ya'll. I'm still learning a lot. Don't over complicate things.  If it works do it.  Admire the crowd, but do your own thing. Be blessed!