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The Nappy Princess Spa Tutorial Videos

I'm excited to introduce The Nappy Princess Spa , my tutorial videos in helping apply everything you're learning here. You can view the five part Hair Washing Series on our YouTube channel now. I'm working on more series to add, including styling. I know many of us need more than pictures to pick up a new skill. I hope you find my tutorials helpful. Your feedback is welcomed.

One Mocha Mom's Inner Struggle

400 years without a comb Watching the above video brought up so many emotions for me. I graduated from Cornell University just three credits shy of attaining a minor in African American Studies. I took my first course as an elective, and was so amazed by the information I was learning for the first time despite attending some of the best schools in my state. In college, I kept asking "how and why" the experience of African Americans in this country could have been so horrific. It was incomprehensible to me that anyone exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ could tolerate the institution of slavery, and the continued racism we still struggle with today. I suffered conflicting emotions of horror, disbelief and rage. At times I walked around campus with a huge chip on my shoulder. I needed somebody to confront, but my Caucasian peers were so far removed from the historical connection I was feeliing, it seemed I was making mountains out of mole hills. I was often asked wh

What about our boys?

Everything we discuss here about caring for our daughter's nappy hair may be applied to our sons, especially if our boys have hair longer than two to three inches. Managing boy's hair can be easier, because we expect to see our sons in short hair cuts. Their hair dries quickly, and may be soaked daily (our girls may enjoy the same--but our son's experience it every day already). Spritzing with plain water or a mix containing conditioner and oils, makes grooming easy. While short nappy hair probably tangles less than longer hair, we should remain mindful that tight curls may still intertwine enough to cause resistance to combing. Most boys don't like to stand still as we fuss over them, but your son's screams as you groom his hair may indicate pain. By following the steps below we can eliminate most discomfort. 1. Start by having your son's hair cut in a good shape. My husband and I find it easy to cut our son's hair at home by using clippers with guards

Mocha Girl Nappy Princess Day

They are getting their hair washed tomorrow, so today is a Nappy Princess Day . Notice, we've left the baby alone . Looking at these pictures one would think these girls have the same texture. Their hair actually behaves very differently. The only similarity I've noticed in hair is between Mocha Girl One and I. We often share products and her hair would probably thrive under my regimen. I've learned to be careful when assuming I have the same texture as someone else because our hair looks similar to mine in photographs. If possible, I investigate to see if our hair also responds the same to products, and grooming regimens, before following their recommendations.


Keep it simple Sister. Sometimes when we're exposed to so much information about hair care, we think we need to do it all right away. I experienced this after spending a lot of time on the internet researching deep conditioning treatments for my own hair. I found everything from expensive salon grade products, to exotic international concoctions, to do it yourself mixtures made from ingredients from the ordinary kitchen pantry. I got great results using some of these on my hair, and imagined it would work the same way for my daughters. One day I decided to treat us all to a home spa day . We all changed into our bathrobes, and got in line for a special mud treatment. I had used bentonite clay on my hair several weeks previously, and loved the resulting softness and sheen. I imagined we'd have a special time pampering ourselves, and gain gloriously conditioned hair. The girls watched with interest as I grabbed a ceramic bowl while explaining something about the composition