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The Joys and Pitfalls of Mg2's Braidlocks

The joys... 1. She loves them.   In the beginning, I worried that Mg2 would change her mind about having braidlocks.  I watched her carefully on our first Princess Day after installing her locks.  I wondered if she felt like she was missing out on something as her younger sisters enjoyed their loose hair. When I finally had a moment alone with Mg2,  I whispered, " Princess Day is every day for us, right?"  She smiled and nodded. "Are you sure?  It would be very easy for me to take your locks down today if you like..." "I love my locks mom.  I want them to look just like yours." "I can't promise you that.  I promise that your locks will look just like yours." Hugs and kisses ensued and we moved on. 2. Mg2 is fully responsible for her own hair and care is easy.   Detangling was the most difficult skill to teach HmG.  With locks, Mg2 has no worries.  We have set up a routine for her to wash her locks every Saturday morning wit