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Hair Loss and Intermittent Fasting

Hey Mocha Family, If you are experiencing hair loss while doing intermittent fasting, I'd like to share some thought with you in this video. Be blessed!

ONE YEAR Lock Update

Hey Mocha Family, I can't believe it's already been a year.  When I started these locks I didn't want to become too attached, after being utterly ready to chop my first set.  One morning, I got up, walked into my bathroom and started chopping.  With little warning,  I was done and had no regrets.  I didn't know if that feeling would return before hitting a year with my second set.  Nope.  I'm good. Be blessed!

Why Do I Get Sick and Tired of My Natural Hair?

Hey Mocha Family, I am so glad not to be going through the natural hair blues right now, but I've been there so many times!  Is this you?  Let me know in the comments below. Be blessed!

Is it Racist to Describe me as African American/Black in Conversation?

Hey Mocha Family, When a friend apologized for describing another friend as African American to me in conversation, I knew I wanted to make this video. Be blessed!

Intermittent Fasting (IF) Update: Bloating?

Hey Mocha Family! The above diagram of what our stomachs looks like when bloated is really gross!  No, Ma'am! The intermittent fasting has been going well, but I am struggling not to rush through my meals with all of our activities.  Planning nutritious and calorie rich fare must improve going forward.  While having a shorter window of time to eat yields great benefits for my body,  a struggle is accessing bigger and more high quality portions.  Since school started, I find myself rushing through my day, scarfing down my meals only to suffer sluggish digestion and bloating.  I am still tweaking things. Be blessed!

Girls Wash Day FAIL

Hey Mocha Family, I'm really glad my daughter isn't bald after this one! Be blessed!