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QO's Show'em Some Love Segment: CherishMyDaughter and Isis2775

Happy Birthday HMG!

Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo

I picked this up after reading many positive testimonials by nappy haired people about it online. It's cheap. I had some concerns that it would dry out my girls hair because it DOES contain sodium laurate sulfate (SLS). We used it on all four girls. Here are my first impressions: 1. I was surprised at how much it lathered up on the first wash. 2. I was impressed with how much dirt it lifted on the first wash. 3. The hair felt squeaky clean after one lathering. Maybe a little too squeaky. So far, I've decided this is a strong cleanser. It is marketed as a daily clarifier but I would never use this to shampoo nappy hair every day. I need a clarifying shampoo to remove product build up and this shampoo did a good job. I only lathered once and was satisfied. As I style the girls' hair I will update about whether I notice any extra dryness.