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Showing posts from May, 2017

7 Month Lock Update | Semi Freeforming

Hey Mocha Family, Here is my 7 month lock update.  There's not much to say so I thought I would just show you how my hair is doing.  I am very happy with the progress.  We are now in the teenage lock stage, with no more unravelling and my hair doing what it wants to do.  Semi freeforming is a win, win for me.  I love this new laid back lifestyle. Be blessed!

Chat, Motivation, YouTube Live Stream Yes or No

Hey Mocha Family, Seems like every social platform has a live stream application now.  Do you want to do a live stream through YouTube? Be blessed!

Mothers Day Prank, They Got Me So Good!

Hey Mocha Family, I am still laughing!  Happy Mother's Day! Be blessed!

Thorough End of the Year Review | Heart Of Dakota Curriculum

Hey Mocha Family, Here is a more in depth look at our experience with Heart of Dakota this year! Be blessed!

Trimming My Daughters Hair | Quick & Easy Detangling Session

Hey Mocha Family, My only regret is not getting to this trim sooner. Be blessed!

Math Update | Why We Switched Curriculum at the End of the Year

Hey Mocha Family, Sometimes as a homeschooling mom what I need to know more than anything else is the fact that I really am in charge!  Changing curriculum at the end of the school year couldn't possibly be a good idea, but it was the perfect choice for us.  We are building confidence and enthusiasm for math again. Be blessed!