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One Month Lock Update + Baby Lock Stage

Hey Mocha Family, Budding has already started all over my head! While it is hard to believe one month has already passed, we all know I have a long way to go and waiting for locks to form is a serious exercise in patience. Here is my one month lock update. Be sure to check back on the 21st of every month for future updates. I am so excited to share this new hair journey with you! Be blessed!

2 Simple Styles for Girls + Quick Styles

Hey Mocha Family! Here are some simple styles that age really well. Fuzz usually happens around the hairline. A simple braid or cornrow or two does wonders for the longevity of the style. Be blessed!

Make Writing Easy for the Reluctant Writer

Hey Mocha Family! Loving to write and being able to transfer those skills to a reluctant writer are two different things. The frustration is real on both sides, but sometimes finding the right materials really helps. So we far are loving Writing Rhetoric's bite size approach. No more tears and episodes of staring at a blank page while wondering what to write! Be blessed!

Quick Style for Girls + Easy Styles

Hey Mocha Family, My busy life has made it almost impossible for me to sit down and do complicated styles anymore. A huge bonus has been the performance of Mocha Girl 3's hair. Her soft fuzzy hair gets messy quickly in these simple styles, but I've noticed a lot less breakage. Perhaps the numerous braids/twists of the protective styles I've done for her in the past caused too much strain on her fine strands. I will be tracking this over time and return with a more thorough discussion. Be blessed!

Instagram Q&A How to Teach Your Daughter to Do Her Own Hair

Hey Mocha Family, I am back to answer a question I received on Instagram on how to help your daughters to be able to gain independence with their hair. I hope it helps! Be blessed.

Start Locks with Interlocks + How to Part for an Even Pattern | Locked M...

Hey Mocha Family, The locks are back! I should have known I had stumbled on something good when six years passed without a thought of me taking down my first set of locks.  I was so restless with my hair before. I'm glad I gave myself the chance to explore a low cut.  I loved everything about it except the frequent trips to the Barber.  When I decided to grow my hair out, I wasn't a fan of managing the choppy progress with Wash and Goes.  While it was easy enough to do, and looked beautiful, the gel life was offending my sensitive scalp.  Too much! Going forward, I'm sure I'll enjoy a low cut again, but feel super comfortable slipping back into my care free locked life. In the video, I mentioned that my hair is cute enough to wear uncovered, but they've shrunken even more.  I could position them better with pins, but I'd like to free my hair as much as possible to develop evenly.  I've been enjoying lots of hats and wraps.  By the time I

My 13 Year Old Daughter is Now Doing Her Own Hair + Small Twists

Hey Mocha Family, I am more than a little excited about the fact that Mocha Girl 2 can twist her own hair!  Had I known she could do such a good job, I would have let her try sooner.  She's been asking for months, but I was concerned about the fragile state of her hair.  Honestly, I like the twists she did for herself better than the ones I do.  Win. Win. Oddly, I had a similar experience with this daughter when she was learning to read.  I was a stickler for decoding words by sounding out the parts.  One day, Mocha Girl 2 just rattled off a sentence like she had been reading fluently for years.  I wanted to know how she did it!  In response, she wanted to know if I wanted her to decode it first.  Apparently, she had moved beyond that step, but willingly did what I expected of her.  Lol!  I've finally learned my lesson! I can't tell you what it does to my heart to see my girls mature to working with their natural hair.  They are miles ahead of me at that age, and I am