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ASK Mocha Mom: Am I making the puffs too tight?

Hi Natacha, my name is Harmony. I tried to find the "Ask Mocha Mom" section of your blog but I could not find it. So, that's why I'm just commenting on this post. I check your blog often and you are SUCH a help to me with my daughter's hair. My little Megan is 21 months old right now and I need some help. When she is this young she has enough hair on the back of her head that it looks bad if I put puffs on the rest of her head, but not the back. But, I struggle because if I put in the puffs on the back, then I know she will not be comfortable when she sleeps. Also I get worried that the puffs are too tight. I have read about the bumps on the head being an indicator that they are pulled too tight, but when I look at her head it's not that there are bumps, but the skin actually looks tight. Obviously she cannot communicate if it hurts, and I guess I just want to be on the safe side. I have seen lots of mothers pull the hair very tight and they claim

Nappy Miranda Rights

I have a right to remain tightly coiled up. Any method you use to fight my natural design can and will be used against you when it comes to length retention. I have a right to rise up instead of laying down. If I'm not allowed to rise up, any fluctuation in the level of humidity where I am will help me to rise up. I can exercise these rights at any time and stay the same frizzy length year after year. If what you've always known to do hasn't been working for you, why not try something different?