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Trends We are Dropping in 2017 | Channel Update

Hey Mocha Family, How do you feel about New Years' resolutions? In the past, I've been both really excited to set goals then extremely disappointed to fail, especially when the plans are filled with lofty expectations. Was 2016 a good year for you? There were many challenges for me but pleasure is found by overcoming them. I really enjoyed making this reflective video. I didn't mention the blog, but have wondered if I should keep posting. My hope is to offer extra thoughts from my videos and to continue the conversation here as well. What are your thoughts? Thank you so much for posting comments down below. Be blessed!

Get Ready With Us + show make up | Christmas Play

Hey Mocha Family, There were so many rehearsals and behind the scenes sacrifices involved with participating in this play, but the end result was so enriching that I am so glad we stuck with it. What a privilege to have the opportunity to be part of a production that felt very professional. The show make up was challenging for me. What I do with Head Mocha Girl who has hooded eyes, doesn't work as well with Mocha Girl 3 and Ms. Mocha Baby can look too grown very quickly if I am not careful. It looked garish to me in my kitchen but fabulous on stage. Show make up is definitely different from what we do in real life. I caught some moments from the play for this video. Mocha Girl 3 has such a big voice for such a tiny person and Ms. MB's personality is shining through! I love watch my girls do their thing! Be blessed!

2 Month Lock Update: Budding, Bunching, Build Up, Uneven Parts

Hey Mocha Family, Watching my locks transform is like watching paint dry. Keeping my hair covered and focusing on other things helps. My hair can only shed so much every day and nothing will make my hair lock up faster but time. Beautiful locks are at the end of the road and worth the wait! Be blessed!

Braid Twists for Easier Take Down + Less Matting

Hey Mocha Family, Let me know what you think about this great time saver! Be blessed!

A Day in Vlogmas! Busy Mom Vlog

Hey Mocha Family, I've had many requests for a day in the life. It would probably be ten times harder to do this with the kids around, but I enjoyed taking you along on my busy day. I thought about doing Vlogmas on You Tube this year, but the reality of my life is that I couldn't find the time to vlog and edit every day. So glad I tried it for at least one day. It was fun hanging out with you guys! Be blessed.

Busy Mom Detangling Hack: Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

Hey Mocha Family, Have you ever needed to wash your daughter's hair but life got in the way? In times like these the stress is often compounded with having to be places where neatly styled hair is optimal. This holiday season is no different for me. I plan to wash and style the girls' hair in a couple of days, but we need to make their dirty hair work for an outing today. When I want to use minimal product, apple cider vinegar works famously to replace a detangling conditioner. Coupled with a good moisturizer, it seems to work just as well to smooth the hair and provide the slip I need to prevent breakage. The smell fades quickly as the hair dries. The trick is to set your spray bottle to a mist setting, because a little goes a long way. Check out the details in the video where I show you what this helped me do to make my daughter presentable in less than ten minutes. Be blessed!

My Police Rescue | Really, Lady?

Hey Mocha Family, I praise God for my safety and how he worked out every detail in our favor. How amazing that even my car which I forced through branches to jam into that hill as much as I could to get off the road, had no scratches. I thank God for the calm I experienced in the heat of the moment, but the tears came in the morning. What a humbling experience! I could not help but to wonder why no police came for more than an hour. With everything happening in the news I couldn't help but wonder if my blackness was shining through the phone lines. I cried because of all the cars that honked angrily instead of stopping to see if I was OK. I must have looked as if I had crashed into the hill, yet no one stopped. Just when I had lost hope in the compassion of my neighbors, two good Samaritans (college boys) stopped to examine my car and apologize repeatedly for not being able to do more. I kept repeating, "I can't believe you actually stopped! Thank you so muc

How to Encourage Your College Kid | Cookie Luv

Hey Mocha Family, When our son went away to college, his school started sending us offers for care packages almost immediately. We cringed at the thought of the Only One watching his friends open their packages while receiving nothing from us. The packages were expensive and we weren't sure if the Only One would truly be encouraged by the contents. Truthfully, he'd rather get a steak meal in the mail than sweets, but had someone send me Cookie Luv during midterms or finals I probably would have burst into tears. College was so intense for me. Cookie Luv is a company started two sisters.  One of whom is my dear friend, Martha. You can choose quality cookies with wholesome ingredients to send to your child that is away from home. You may include an encouraging message and have a beautifully boxed package arrive every month with a paid subscription. In this video, we had so much fun trying the cookies with Mocha Dad, Head Mocha Girl and Mocha Girl 2. They were moist a

Simple Holiday Styling

Hey Mocha Fam! I hope you enjoy these simple holiday looks. Be sure to dress them up with hair accessories. More importantly, don't let styling be something that brings stress, taking away from all of the fun times you could be having with your girl! Be blessed!