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Homeschooling Multiple Kids is a Trip!

Don't I look crazy in this picture? Well, homeschooling multiple kids gets a little crazy for me! Sometimes I find that most of the day has gone by, and if we didn't have to leave the house for an errand, I may still be in my pajamas.  As the day progresses, an apron may get added to the ensemble.  I am sure the UPS man thinks I have no sense of fashion.  I got many chuckles on Facebook after posting the following scenario, which plays out at our house often, so I thought I'd post it here: Mom  is working with her kindergartner ,"Silent E makes the vowel say its name but---" Kid 1 yells from across the room," Mom , she took my book! Give me back my book! Give me back my BOOK!" Mom : "Silent E makes the vowel say its name but---" Kid 2 yells from upstairs, "Mom, I HATE math!  This doesn't make any sense.  Can you help me?" Mom : " Silent E ---GIVE ME A MINUTE--silent E"--- Kid 1 taps

How I Stretch My Girls' Hair

My girls really hate shrinkage, but what can  we do?  I remember being endlessly frustrated as a teenager when my hair would shrink after being exposed to moisture.  Some moisture like rain, or shower spray is easily avoided, but on a humid day, shrinkage would win no matter what. I really hated planning my life around how much humidity was forcasted  for the day. I have been happiest since learning how to work with shrinkage and coming to appreciate that a little shrinkage can actually bring life to a stretched style.  I love it when a crisp twist out or wavy set transform into a more natural look as my strands respond just a little bit to the moisture in the air.  Just a little bit.  Unfortunately, this is very difficult to control.  I keep my sense of humor close and before I decided to lock my hair, I was flexible and never without the tools to change up my style if too much shrinkage was a factor. To be honest, I wore my hair in mostly shrunken styles.  I was the queen of  

Oh No, My Daughter is Doing Her Own Hair!

I always imagined I would really enjoy watching my daughters do their own hair.  In my dreams they ALWAYS followed my methods step by step in exactly the way they had seen me do.  They are super gentle--I mean why destroy all of the progress we had worked so hard to make?  No one ever complains about the hard work and depending on the style of choice--the long hours it takes to finish.  After all, my daughters are super evolved because of all the things I've have poured into them.   My girls loved every step of the process and never considered rolling with whatever their hair was bent on doing naturally.  At the very least, they never had to be reminded to do the basics--like wash their hair.  They never let weeks, and then more than a month go by without at least rinsing the sweat from their scalps. I could laugh for days because with both HmG and Mg2 being completely responsible for their own hair I am realizing how absolutely ridiculous my expectations were. They have their