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Long Nappy Hair: My Big Secret

Coaxing HmG's hair into a puff: Soak Method

Let's Twist Again!

I enjoy playing around with twists!  HmG had a dance competition and was wearing her loose hair in a high bun.  She has another competition coming up soon so I didn't want to give her a head full of small twists--while they are easier to take down than braids, I'd still have to plan a time in our busy schedule to do it.  Half a head of large flat twists is MUCH easier to work with.  Her hair gets a break from being loose and we can enjoy her massive bun a little longer. Mg2 is the queen of twists.  I honored her request to keep it flowing and free. Mg2 wants what her sister wants.  Ordinarily, I encourage her to pick braids over twists because her hair knots up easily if left too long in twists.  She got me this time. Mocha Baby surprised me.  I thought I'd get away with a couple of puffs but she kept looking at her sisters and wanted to know when I was doing her hair for real.  I was planning to cornrow the front and gather the back into a puff but she wasn'