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Reorganizing the Blog

I know things are getting hard to find--sorry about that. It kind of snuck up on me! Give me a moment to figure out categories maybe shift things around, add some tags. Thanks for being patient with me and for all the support. Be Blessed!

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You know we have issues...LOL!

Happy Valentines Day and Daddy Power!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentines Day! I've been fighting a stomach bug since Friday and haven't given much thought to today. My plan was to sneak away on Saturday to pick up something special for my sweetie. Unfortunately, I stayed in my room in nauseous misery all weekend. So when I walked into the kitchen this morning to a table adorned with a massive arrangement of gorgeous flowers, chocolates and balloons I was a little confused at first--then delighted. A great sense of peace settled over me as I noted that the presentation wasn't only for me. There was an arrangement for all the girls as well (even our son was given a little something). My parents divorced when I was very young and my Dad was absent. I always associated Valentines Day with handsome princes sweeping worthy princesses off their feet. Perhaps any worthless prince who dressed the part would have done it for me--but for the grace of God. There was definitely a place in me that long

Viewing My YouTube Videos

Hi Everyone, I've decided to disable the embedding of my videos on external sites. You can link my videos, but they will only be viewable on YouTube. I did this because I noticed that I get the majority of my views from external sites which means YouTube is unaware of the traffic I'm actually generating. I'd like to see what happens if I redirect traffic back to my YouTube page . Give me a moment to go back and link all of the videos I had embeded here--you should still be able to find them on YouTube by searching for the titles of the posts. I haven't figured out yet how to remove the black screen for a link without losing the comments you made. Bear with me, I'm working on it. Be blessed! Natacha

Cherish the Momma!