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Why I Am Inspired by the Black Panther Movie (NO SPOILERS)


  1. One of the reasons that we homeschool is to individualize their studies. One of the books we read together is What Color Is My World, The Lost History of African-American Inventors. What an eye-opener that was about all the black inventors that are not even credited let alone known. That got us more interested in black inventors and led us to the Black Stars series of African American Inventors. Why aren't any of these people even mentioned in history books when they played such a vital role in important inventions? My daughter's hair stylist recently told me that her children are pulled out of the regular classroom to be taught black history. What?! Why aren't all children taught black history?! The public school in my opinion is flawed in major ways, being taught selective history is only one.
    We loved Black Panther BTW! I was so thrilled for my sons and daughter to see such strong and beautiful black people in one movie!


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