Saturday, September 17, 2016

One Thing the Girls Love and Hate About Their Natural Hair | Hair Vlog 2

Hey Mocha Family!

I've been hearing lots of complaining about hair in my house lately, and haven't been sure how to deal with it.  Typically, I try to redirect the girls but I realized today that maybe they just need for me to listen to their struggles.  They can appreciate their hair without being happy with it all of the time.  Bad hair days, and negative aspects of natural hair are real.  Part of coping and finding solutions is acknowledging that we find things problematic.

I'm trying out a new hair vlog style of recording my videos.  I'm still learning and feeling my way around, but let me know what you think!

Be blessed!


  1. Thanks for sharing this video, my 10 year daughter and I watched this together and enjoyed it! My daughter has been watching your videos for years and has loved your daughters different hairstyles and even watching them grow up. You will never know how much watching your videos has helped us both!

  2. That is so encouraging to me. Thanks for sharing!