Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Freedom to be Yourself

If you celebrate Kwanzaa, I'm told the focus of the first day is on the principal of Unity. When I made peace with my natural hair, I felt like a new world was open to me, and had I known what I now knew about my natural hair, I would never had pursued chemical relaxers. It was too fantastic to keep to myself. Yet, I experience my natural hair in a very narrow way, by some people's standards. Perhaps this personal choice makes me appear superior.

It's not my intent.

I just shared a YouTube video I posted about a passionate discussion I experienced with my sister this Christmas. I'm so glad we talked, and that we have the kind of relationship where we can be completely open with each other about our thoughts with the confidence that we will hold each other tight no matter what.

I struggled with her position and am still not sure how a chemical relaxer can be considered healthy. We never argued on her right to pursue it but that it was a healthy choice. We all make unhealthy decisions every day and live with the consequences...great or small.

I wonder if I can really assume responsibility for how others perceive me because of my lifestyle if I have not intentionally sent them the message they are interpreting.

I still struggle with the expectation that I voice affirmation about hair relaxers...I have to be me. I'm just not a supporter. I'm not into bashing people about it but you won't find me gushing over it either.

We didn't really resolve our debate, except to recommit ourselves to affirming and supporting one another. Unity.

I'm sure we'll keep stumbling along...but it's a process.

Hot Topic: You're NOT Better because You're Natural!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Barbie Gets a Makeover!

Check this article out!

Who would have thought it would be so easy to give Barbie some texture. I really like the way these ladies are presenting themselves and going around to schools to talk to our girls. The dolls look fantastic, and I find the girls' reaction to them to be so encouraging.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

LTP Update

I'm going to sit right down and admit that I am not the one to head up a challenge. Maybe it's the time of year and the business of entertaining while staying on top of the already busy life. Maybe it's the fact that leaving a style in for a very long time doesn't require much effort. Maybe it's because I'm just too busy to get really creative with it....I don't know.

I'll say that the beauty of LTP for me is just letting go, enjoying life and realizing that I don't have to be a slave to keeping the fuzz perfectly at bay.

It's been fantastic for all the girls but Mg2 in particular. I just can't believe how long her hair can hold a style. We went for a solid month and when I took the style down I realized I could honestly have gone longer by just redoing her edges and a couple of twists along her center part. I could take LTP to the max with her. If she ever dreads her hair...she won't have an ugly stage. She'll move effortlessly into some fabulous locks. Out of all my girls I can see her taking the leap sooner.

Some things I did:
1. Accessories. Headbands. Flowers. Barrettes. Clips.

2. Sets. A braid out or twist out on damp hair over night will not only stretch out the shrunken protective style but will tame the fuzz and give the look a completely different flavor. Add a statement headband and you're ready. This is my favorite tactic and has saved me so much time and stress when we were entertaining and I really didn't have time to do much more for the girls.

In the past--when I believed every stray strand had to be tightly and smoothly tamed, I would have made us all miserable trying to squeeze in a mega styling session--while preparing to entertain. I could shed buckets of tears remembering the "
ouches" and the "please sit still, I know it hurts but we have to get through this."

3. Last leg.....cute hats.

4. Wash the hair in the braids/style. Let dry fully then braid out/twist out/bantu knot out/roller set, etc., for another week, ending with a puff. I didn't do it this time around but in the warmer months I love getting everything I can before having to detangle again.

Try it