Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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Dear Mocha Family,

I know a homeschool mom who stopped considering herself a homeschooler when she sent her kids to Towle Institute for high school.  I wonder if her perspective is one of the reasons Towle is so clear that classes meeting one day a week, offering instruction for one hour per subject, as opposed to students receiving multiple hours over the course of a week, can't replace our responsibility as homeschooling parents to be the primary teachers of our children.

I am so excited for the support and structure I am gaining from Towle, and share in detail (above video) some of the benefits we are already enjoying.  I am struck by how much my needs have changed over the years, in that I never would have imagined myself appreciating this much structure and oversight.  Yet in this season and with this particular child, I am so happy to have access to such a situation.

Change is exciting.

Be blessed!

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