Saturday, September 24, 2016

Crochet Braid FAIL, Finding a Good Grid for Thick Hair Matters

Hey Mocha Family,

I need a hug.  My wrists and hands are throbbing right now, from me getting a little too carried away with this styling session.  I honestly looked up and more than 5 hours had passed without me stopping.  I was determined to make it work, but my mission was to create a natural looking set of crochet braid (twists), not too bulky, on a super thick head of natural hair.

I should have known that I was expecting a little too much.

To reiterate, so you can feel my pain,  I was adding lots of hair to a head full of hair, trying to avoid big hair.  No wonder we had problems!

I over estimated my years of experience with this style and underestimated what a difference it would make to choose a grid for braiding Head Mocha Girl's thick hair from people who had much shorter and finer hair.

Do I sound whiny?  I'm really sorry to be feeling a little whiny.

I'd like to be able to offer positive hair experiences to the girls, but perhaps one of the greatest lessons they can learn is how to gracefully navigate difficulty.  Reality dishes out lots of struggle.

We threw in the towel for today.  I was very proud of how well HmG handled her disappointment.  If I actually cried the way I wanted to after getting through about 8 hours of styling, she would have been the one handing me the tissues.

Be blessed!

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