Sunday, September 25, 2016

Crochet Braid SUCCESS Finding the Right Braid Pattern to Reduce Bulk for...

Hey Mocha Family!

We've had a complete reversal!  Head Mocha Girl and I were so disappointed by the fail of us installing her new crochet braids last night.  I fully expected to throw them in a ponytail for worship in the morning and spend an hour taking them down in the afternoon.

Joy truly does come in the morning!  I woke up recharged and thinking that I'd try a tip from a video by My Natural Sistas on YouTube to fix HmG's braid pattern and reduce the bulk.  It worked!

I also took down the two cornrows at her side part and fashioned five Senegalese style twists for a more natural looking part.  HmG likes this so much better!

Finally, we decided to trim the hair some and curl the ends by setting them on perm rods and dipping them in hot water.  What remained was still bigger than her natural twists but much less bulky and fake looking.  We were so happy that we didn't give up!

Be blessed!

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