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Homeschooling Multiple Kids is a Trip!

Don't I look crazy in this picture?
Well, homeschooling multiple kids gets a little crazy for me! Sometimes I find that most of the day has gone by, and if we didn't have to leave the house for an errand, I may still be in my pajamas.  As the day progresses, an apron may get added to the ensemble.  I am sure the UPS man thinks I have no sense of fashion.  I got many chuckles on Facebook after posting the following scenario, which plays out at our house often, so I thought I'd post it here:
Mom is working with her kindergartner,"Silent E makes the vowel say its name but---"
Kid 1yells from across the room," Mom, she took my book! Give me back my book! Give me back my BOOK!"
Mom: "Silent E makes the vowel say its name but---"
Kid 2yells from upstairs, "Mom, I HATE math!  This doesn't make any sense.  Can you help me?"
Mom: "Silent E---GIVE ME A MINUTE--silent E"---
Kid 1 taps Mom on the shoulder, "Kid 3says her arm hurts,…