Thursday, October 20, 2016

Overcoming Math Anxiety + Managing Math Anxiety in the Teacher or Parent

Hey Mocha Family,

When Mocha Dad and I were thinking about homeschooling our children, one of my greatest concerns was math.  I've struggled with math anxiety since high school and doubted I would be able to teach math without passing on the same fears to my kids.

I thought a perfect parent was necessary for a child to succeed.

Learning to be transparent and model how to navigate weakness is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.  In this video I share how I turned an embarrassing math moment with my eleven year old, into what I consider to be one of the most positive experiences we've had homeschooling.

Be blessed!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to wash Crotchet Braids WITHOUT Removing Them + Daughter's Thoughts ...

Hey Mocha Family,

My plan was to remove the synthetic twists so the HmG could wash her hair, but I had a rocky week with a bad head cold so my time and energy were limited.  We decided to try to wash her hair without removing the crochet braids.  I have to say that I was very happy with the outcome!

Check out what we did.

Be blessed!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Finding the Perfect Glasses + Reading Glasses+ Aging Gracefully!

Hey Mocha Family!

Who would have guessed that the stress I've been experiencing during homeschool, had more to do with my eyes than adjusting to a new curriculum?  I thought I was seeing well enough but my eyes were working so hard and subconsciously the frustration in me was rising.  I am so thankful to Mocha Dad for insisting I get my eyes checked out.

I thought I would be set with the first pair of glasses my doctor recommended, but was surprised to discover just how bothersome a pair of glasses you don't like can be!  In the beginning I would have never chosen the granny glasses you see pictured above, but in the video I share how they came to be my favorite of all!  Laugh all you want, as I sigh in relief.

Be blessed!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Quick and Easy Twisted Ponytail Style For Girls

Dear Mocha Family,

We were going to a wedding and I had promised the girls a braid out.  The wedding was outside and the weather turned out to be overcast with periods of light rain and drizzle.  While we stayed dry under a massive tent, the humidity in the air would have killed any braid out.  Glad we checked the weather!

Plan B was a full head of twists, but we were short on time and Ms. MB is extremely tender headed.  I came up with this quick and easy style in the moment and was so happy that it has a similar look  to a full head of twists with a fraction of the hassle.  We enjoyed the wedding without a worry about the moisture messing up the style.  The twists shrunk up a bit, but looked plump and full.

Be blessed!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Birthday Vlog, Ms Mocha Baby is 7 Years old!

Hey Mocha Family!

Yup!  Ms. MB is 7 years old!  Here is our birthday vlog.

We stopped doing birthday parties on Head Mocha Girl's (age 17) 9th birthday.  We started a family tradition called King/Queen for a day where we gift the person with as much of our time as we can, and do what they want on their special day.

This has come to mean so much to us.  The greatest lesson of all is understanding that people need people and time is the best gift of all!  Check out the highlights of how we celebrated Ms. MS.

Be blessed!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

11 Year Old Girl Detangles Her Sister's Hair Like a Pro!

Hey Mocha Family,

I had to rub my eyes a few times watching this again!  Mocha Girl 3 (age 11) did such a good job for her first time.  She detangled her sister, Ms. Mocha Baby's (age 7) hair like a pro!  All I could think was what took me so long to try this?

I was that little girl who spent countless hours happily braiding and pinning up my dolls' hair.  I never got tired of it and have been thrilled with the hair God has blessed me to enjoy as an adult as well. Mocha Girl 3 is the same way.  She's been asking to try her skills on Ms. MB, but as tender headed as we all know Ms. MB to be, I assumed it would be a disaster!  What a surprise to discover that we all had so much fun, and Mocha Girl 3 did such a good job.

See for yourself!  I am really looking forward to seeing her skills develop.

Be blessed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Role of Homeschool Dads, Homeschool Dad Support System |Dad's United Vlog

Hey Mocha Family,

I was thrilled when Mocha Dad and his friends agreed to have their latest Dad's United meeting filmed. This group has been such a blessing to my family and our old kids have shared what a tremendous positive impact it has had on them through their teen years especially.  Dads are so important!

Movies, sitcoms and media poking fun at inept fathers can be amusing, but so many children benefit from solid guidance from a good dad.  I attribute much of my success with homeschooling to Mocha Dad's consistent support and work with our children.  I know it would be extremely difficult to get the same results without him, and am very grateful for everything he does.

Be blessed!