Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Yarn Braids/Genie Locks | Braid Sealer Review

Hey Mocha Family!

The Braid Sealer is probably amazing for the purpose it was designed.  I can see it working really well with synthetic hair.  As a hack for yarn braids though, I am a little disappointed.

I just don't think it gets hot enough to melt yarn.

Remember when I hacked the Satin Strands Fusion tool a few months ago to seal Mocha Girl Two's second set of yarn braids? I was really surprised to find comparable results.  Let's not rehash the details here since the video is very detailed. Check that out first.  I just wanted to come here and talk about how well the braids are holding up.

This experience has gone from frustration to frustration.

As I said in the video, it was a struggle to put the braids in.  Our summer has started with so much activity and I'm already tired.  Don't worry, I am steadily rethinking my commitments and dropping stuff.  Summer is for rejuvenation.

Proud of myself for pressing through installing those yarn braids.

You can imagine my frustration when Mocha Girl Two walked into breakfast the next morning with braids unravelling all over her head.  Ok, I'm exaggerating.

Maybe it was eight braids total, but they were in multiple places.

The night before, Mocha Girl Two couldn't find a scarf to wrap her head, shrugged her shoulders and went to sleep on a naked cotton pillow!  When I heard the story my face looked like a horror emoji, and I said some things I shouldn't have said.

Namely, "Do you know how hard it was to put that style in?"

I can laugh about it now, but truthfully everything would have been fine if the braid seal had worked properly.  I commenced to seal those braids again and we haven't had further incidents.  Many of the ends don't look burnt.  Some are a little separated.  However, the braids are not unravelling.

It feels like a fail.

I will be back to let you know what happens after a swim.

Look at the price! I paid $25 for mine, but that vendor is no longer available.  Have stopped making these?

Should I try to sell mine for this?

Be Blessed!

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