Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Deck Talk #1 | June Favorite , Burning Out

Hey Mocha Family!

So excited to be back on my deck!

Not much of a product junkie so my shopping tends to be about replenishing. This is true except when it comes to accessories.

Your girl loves accessories.

Shoes, bags, scarfs, jewelry...bring it!

When I really like something, like I do for the month of June, you'll definitely be hearing from me.

Check me out in the video and let me know if I went overboard down below.  Lol!

I'm also sharing about my narrow escape from spiraling into burn out.  I've done an entire series on homeschool burn out, but this one would have been bigger than homeschool.

My friend and I were talking about the pressures of always doing something and how counter cultural it is to sit quietly in your own home.  I almost never have nothing to do, and boredom has been missing in my life for a long time.  Yet, isn't creativity and self discovering often found in such moments?

I long to bring stillness back into my life, and to introduce it to my kids.

I want to say, "I won't do that, or I can't make it. No, there isn't a conflict".

I'd like it to be legitimate when I need a free day, weekend, week or month... just to be.

Remember when you could turn your ringer off, and be unavailable without offending anyone?

People left messages on answering machines and didn't expect an immediate response?

Counter cultural.

Be Blessed!

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