Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bantu Knot Bun | Teen Natural Hair Styling

Hey Mocha Family!

This business of making myself available IF Head Mocha Girl (HmG) asks for help is pretty difficult.

Old habits die hard.

I keep wanting to suggest she try things my way, and if her interpretation of my ideas are less than exact, it's not always easy to school my features.

I talk to myself.

This was no less easy when HmG was mastering braids and twists.

Loose hair is more susceptible to breakage, but I've been here before when HmG's hair was breaking from rough handling during her wash and detangle sessions with the braids.

This process is about hair, but it's also about parenting older children.  We've taught them as best as we could, but they have to make a life of their own.

Head Mocha Girl will accept what works for her best, change things up so that they suit her personal style, and possibly reject some things all together.  As a parent, it may be difficult for me to let her.

Maybe I see some things as mistakes I had hoped she would avoid since I already made them.

I am learning that some of these mistakes are possibly just as important for her to make for herself.

Be Blessed!

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