Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Good Advice for Parents of College Freshman | Dorms, Planning the Move

Hey Mocha Family!

I snapped on the university sheets, but have to admit that they have held up really well.  So glad we kept them after realizing that returning everything wasn't worth the hassle with our busy schedules.

This topic is being addressed super early in hopes that our College Freshman Parents will give themselves plenty of time to navigate the process.  There is no right way to plan, or single solution for everyone. However, I find myself more relaxed with enough wiggle room to make mistakes and change my mind.

Honestly, the hardest part of everything for me was letting go and trusting that my son had everything he needed to learn whatever I hadn't taught him at home.  I had to believe that he had enough practical sense and integrity to thrive.

As a parent, my inclination is to shelter and protect which is great in the right season.  College is good for testing much of what we preach and practice at home.  I found it difficult sometimes to watch my son stumble or make different choices, but have also seen this process yield tremendous growth.

This has also been a season of grieving.  Our relationship as mother and son has definitely been renegotiated.  I've had to learn to give my son space to grow and respect his privacy in leading with what he'd like to share and backing off when necessary.  Interestingly, he shares the important stuff, but in missing him, I tend to want to know the little stuff because the little stuff makes me feel closer.

I can now finally say that I really like the new normal, but looking back over the year is no less painful.

It really helped me that someone warned me in advance that this launch would be a mixed bag of emotions and to embrace whatever I felt.

Some of all of this can't be planned.  Trust what you have sowed, and try to flow with the change.  No matter how much you want to fight the current, roll with it.

Be blessed!

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