Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chat & Style: Small Box Braids in Under 3 hours

Hey Mocha Family!

I will be honest with you guys.  I have to be mentally prepared for small box braids.  I love putting them in.  I would even say that the actually braiding is very relaxing and therapeutic.  A friend of mine was in the room while I was doing this set, and they wanted to know if my fingers hurt.

No.  Not when I am working with a natural head of hair.  Years ago I would do mid back length individual braids on my own head, with synthetic hair.  My fingers and wrists hurt for those, but I don't have the same problem when I limit myself to one head in a day with my girls.

Back to my original point.  I mentally prepare myself for box braids because I HATE taking them down.  I hate having to pick apart each small braid.  I would rather have everyone sport twists any day when it comes to take down.

Box braids work better for us in the summer though.  The detangling is so much easier in the end, because the strands don't matte as much as they would in twists.  The hair doesn't shrink nearly as much either, which is a win for the girls.

The last bonus I'll share is the fact that I can leave them in longer.  Yes they get super fuzzy, and old twists look better (think locks), but I have to consider more than the aesthetics.

In August, I must commit to taking down two heads worth of these tiny braids.

I always think it is going to be terrible.  It's never as bad as I dread it will be, and I am always grateful I took a hair vacation.

Side note.

When I commit like this to fuzzy living, it is so much easier to tell the girls, "Last one to the pool is a rotten egg!"

I tried to skip the fuzzy braids last summer and found myself really frustrated every time they received another pool invite.  I did finally put them in and we could all relax.

Let's go summer!

Be blessed!

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