Sunday, February 19, 2017

My 11 Year Old Does Her First Set of Twists

Hey Mocha Family,

Out of all the styles I can teach my girls, I find small twists to be the most practical towards independence.  If you redo them often enough, they are easy in and easy out.  This particular set has braided roots to minimize matting when the girls wet their hair on wash and swim days.  The braided roots make it a little trickier to master.  I find that my girls are able to twist like pros before they can braid like pros.

I had to help my 11 year old,  Mocha Girl 3, by braiding the roots for her and allowing her to finish off the twists.  She makes her braids are still a little too loose to do the job of trapping the shed hair.  She will master the technique with a little bit of practice.  Your girl was so proud!

Be blessed!

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