Sunday, February 26, 2017

Black Moms Don't Cut Their Daughters' Hair | Hair Talks

Hey Mocha Family,

I hope these Hair Talk videos will develop over time into a series we really enjoy.  So far the response has been great.  This particular video was inspired by a video I watched by YouTubers MAZELEE.  I love their "cinevlogs" and have been captivated for months by their style of story telling.  This particular video was a family vlog about their new baby with only a snippet of the mom talking to her girls about what hair cuts they would try next.  Though the conversation was only a small part of the video, the comments section exploded with people admonishing the mom about cutting her daughters' hair and asking her to please not cut it anymore.

My immediate response was, how ridiculous!!!

Later, I kept thinking about it and wondering what it means for us as moms and for me as a black mom.

Do we still believe that black hair doesn't grow?

Is there still a fear that is we cut our daughter's hair, beyond a trim, it will never grow back?

I'm really enjoying the conversation on YouTube.  Join us!  Check out MAZELEE's channel and let me know what you think.

Be blessed!

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