Sunday, February 12, 2017

Great Detangling Moisturizer for Kids | Thanks Aunt Jackie!

Hey Mocha Family,

I may not be a product junkie but I will typically watch any video promoting a product to help with detangling.  For me, this is the most challenging aspect of managing our natural hair.  I am so happy I watched a recent review of Aunt jackie's Knot Havin' it.  I bought bought the girl version and the adult version but as far as I can tell the main difference is the scent.  I would describe the girls' version as a more of a candy scent.  My girls love both products.

Be advised that this is a very light moisturizer.  I am accustomed to using much heavier products, particularly my shea butter mix when I put in long term styles like twists and braids.  Knot Havin' it melts in the hair completely with a feel of almost no residue.  I wanted to try the product alone so I did not layer oils and butters over it.  By the time we were finished styling I was very pleased with the softness of the girl's hair.  There was also a natural looking sheen to their hair.  I do think I will have to moisturize again after swimming and washing.  I will come back and report on the overall performance of this product as a moisturizer.

As I shared in the video, I was amazed at how will this worked as a detangler.

Be blessed!

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