Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Son's First Set of Locks | New Lock Journey

Hey Mocha Family!

What's more exciting than starting my own set of locks?  Watching my 19 year old son start his.  My only regret is seeing his hair progress from a distance since he is campus bound.  Thankfully there's not much to do with locks.  In fact, most of what I had to share with The Only One (my son) is what NOT to do.  The short list is as follows:

1. Hand in lock disease.

2. Sleeping with a naked head.

3. Washing and conditioning with anything creamy.

4. Over twisting.

5. Covering wet locks.

For anything I may have forgotten, I am so grateful for Michelle George's book, The Knotty Truth, where he's sure to find all his questions answered and more.

Be blessed!

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