Sunday, August 7, 2016

How to Take Down Small Box Braids Without Losing Your Mind

Hey Mocha family!

Is it silly to make an analogy between taking down small box braids, and labor at the end of a pregnancy?

Honestly, I feel like I go through the same process of dreading it, surviving it, and forgetting about it so that I can choose to do it again!  Lol!  The analogy fails when I confess to having mixed feelings about pregnancy, whereas, I really enjoy the braid up, finding the repetitive motion and development of the style  to be extremely soothing.  I'm not sure why the repetitive motion of removing the braids and watching the style unravel (with plenty of lint and shed hair), doesn't bring me the same satisfaction.

I still dread the take down but have found a number of things to be useful in getting us all through it. Hope this helps someone!

Be blessed!

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