Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to Get Clear Skin | My Acne Regimen Update

Hey Mocha Family,

Some of you have noticed how much better my skin looks and want to know how my regimen has changed.  I am back to answer your questions.

Back in the day I regularly got on camera bare faced and my acne struggles were there for the world to see.  My camera wasn't that great so I didn't feel super terrible about it.  In January, I started using a camera that showed so much more detail than I was comfortable with.  Did you notice I started using not one but two layers of coverage?

My blemishes were cringe worthy while editing.

I think that one of the biggest misconceptions around is that acne will disappear for everyone once puberty ends.  My skin was perfect until puberty, but I can't say I've been able to consistently enjoy clear skin since then until now.

I have made some changes and share them at length with you in the video.  Leave me a comment to share what you think.  If you've got some additional tips or found success with some of the same things too, let us know!

Be blessed!

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