Thursday, May 12, 2016

How To Get Your Kid To Do Chores Well

Every good Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) has turned her children into a little army of experts when it comes to chores, right?

Maybe the working moms have the monopoly on kids who actually get the job done well, because this SAHM hasn't always been successful.  There are days when we still fall short, and I am not embarrassed to walk you through my beautiful mess in hopes that I am not alone.

If you just can't get a chore system together or you find yourself nagging about the same things every day, I share three problem areas in this video you may want to look at.  I know that when I am consistent with addressing these three things we do much better with chores.

The trick is not slipping into our old habits and staying consistent, but I'll save that for another video.

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