Saturday, May 28, 2016

Chat & Style: How to Stop Fighting With Your Teen Over Hair

This has been difficult for me to walk out.  The time I spend working with my girls' hair gives me a vested interest.  Sometimes the lines are blurred.  Is it their hair or my hair?

After sacrificing countless hours to put in a protective style, using the best products I could find for my budget shouldn't the girls want to flow with me?

In reality, their opinion don't gel with mine.  When they are young I try my best to consider their preferences but generally my will prevails.

However, I have learned to handle my tweens and teens with care.

It's an already awkward stage of self discovery.  Black women already have an uphill battle of celebrating what their hair does naturally when the general culture hypes up the very opposite.  Ever watch a make over?  What happens to most ladies with curly hair?

I want to help make the process of my girls finding their footing with their hair as easy as possible.

For me, this has come to mean being ready to say yes and keeping things in their proper perspective.

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