Saturday, February 27, 2016

Clarify Girls' Hair Winter Regimen | Bentonite Clay & Pantene Co-wash

Great results using these two products together, but I had a hard time rinsing the Bentonite Clay out completely.  I am still not sure if the sticky residue is clay or what is left of product build up.  If the clay rinsed away completely, that would mean it didn't completely get the job done.

This result had nothing to do with the co-wash.  I have also seen this while using the clay alone. The residue is frustrating to find when I am in the process of styling, and difficult to address without messing up the areas I have already finished working with.  I tend to carefully brush away as much as I can and revisit the situation at the next wash.

If anyone has any recommendations for a better outcome, please leave it in the comment section. I will probably be motivated to use the clay more if I find a solution.

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