Sunday, October 9, 2016

Quick and Easy Twisted Ponytail Style For Girls

Dear Mocha Family,

We were going to a wedding and I had promised the girls a braid out.  The wedding was outside and the weather turned out to be overcast with periods of light rain and drizzle.  While we stayed dry under a massive tent, the humidity in the air would have killed any braid out.  Glad we checked the weather!

Plan B was a full head of twists, but we were short on time and Ms. MB is extremely tender headed.  I came up with this quick and easy style in the moment and was so happy that it has a similar look  to a full head of twists with a fraction of the hassle.  We enjoyed the wedding without a worry about the moisture messing up the style.  The twists shrunk up a bit, but looked plump and full.

Be blessed!


  1. Really cute!! Did you band her hair to stretch or blow dry?

    1. Thank you! I braided her hair in about six big braids after washing to stretch it out.