Thursday, October 6, 2016

Birthday Vlog, Ms Mocha Baby is 7 Years old!

Hey Mocha Family!

Yup!  Ms. MB is 7 years old!  Here is our birthday vlog.

We stopped doing birthday parties on Head Mocha Girl's (age 17) 9th birthday.  We started a family tradition called King/Queen for a day where we gift the person with as much of our time as we can, and do what they want on their special day.

This has come to mean so much to us.  The greatest lesson of all is understanding that people need people and time is the best gift of all!  Check out the highlights of how we celebrated Ms. MS.

Be blessed!

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  1. I believe we are going to start this in our home! Our children have so many toys and all of them end up being on the floor smh. This is a great way to have the focus on them and allow them to enjoy their special day!