Thursday, October 13, 2016

Finding the Perfect Glasses + Reading Glasses+ Aging Gracefully!

Hey Mocha Family!

Who would have guessed that the stress I've been experiencing during homeschool, had more to do with my eyes than adjusting to a new curriculum?  I thought I was seeing well enough but my eyes were working so hard and subconsciously the frustration in me was rising.  I am so thankful to Mocha Dad for insisting I get my eyes checked out.

I thought I would be set with the first pair of glasses my doctor recommended, but was surprised to discover just how bothersome a pair of glasses you don't like can be!  In the beginning I would have never chosen the granny glasses you see pictured above, but in the video I share how they came to be my favorite of all!  Laugh all you want, as I sigh in relief.

Be blessed!

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