Saturday, April 30, 2016

Regimen Hacks How We Really Live

Life happens so we can't always follow our regimens the way we'd like. Rules get broken but when it comes to detangling and manipulating hair, damage may be avoided with a little bit of wisdom.

Detangling dry hair  is a recipe for disaster, and products that help us get the job done without losing hair doesn't have to cost a fortune.  I really enjoyed having the girls join me for their funny confessions.  I am so glad we don't take ourselves too seriously.  You won't believe what we get away with, but we're honest in showing you that everything doesn't have to be perfect to retain length.


  1. your girls have such beautiful hair (as do you!) Right now, my youngest daughter is on a loc journey so our regimen has greatly changed. However you were holding up my fave cheapo detangler-that Suave!! LOL I swear it is the only hair product I ever bought at the grocery store (well that and coconut oil)

    1. Hi Lee!
      Lol! Good thing they sell it everywhere. I don't care what other products make its way into my stash, Suave will always have a spot.