Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Homeschool College Expectation vs Reality

Your boy (O&O) has jokes, but launching him to college has probably been one of our most challenging seasons as parents.

We had full confidence in his academic abilities, sense of responsibility and social skills but we felt so many conflicting emotions in watching him spread his wings.

Bottom line is that we really enjoy his presence.

I have spent so many years asking O&O to turn his music down, and to stop drumming his beats on my walls. Those crooked paintings and wall hangings were such a big deal to me at the time.  Can I tell you that I missed all of that?

The differences don't stop there.  Every family member has a role to play and when one member shifts, we all shift and renegotiate our roles.  Change is necessary and we adapt, but a certain level of grieving is inevitable.  Interestingly, O&O didn't need to go very far for the change to be felt.  Though his college campus is relatively close, by not being in our home functioning in his familiar role we have become a new Mocha Family.  We're thrilled for him, we miss him and will forever treasure the memories we've made homeschooling him.

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