Sunday, April 3, 2016

No More Implusive Hair Decisions!

I never want to experience that feeling of regret after making an impulsive decision about my hair again!  What amazes me the most is that I typically do something drastic over a small frustration or something I had committed to managing.  It's never anything new.

The other day, I could not get my cap to fit since the top of my fro has grown out so much.  I briefly considered buzzing it off just to get my cap to fit the way I like, but was that really what I wanted long term?  Was that the only way to get my hair to do what I needed in the moment?  In the above video, I show you a simple solution that allowed me to wear my cap and keep my fro.  No regrets.

This experience made me think of all of the times I relaxed my hair after growing it down to my armpits.  I realized that those were similar moments of frustration about things that weren't new, but had become so blown up in the moment, I couldn't resist the impulse.  Is relaxed hair really more versatile than natural hair?  I thought so in the moment.

Whether it was  a humid day ruining my stretched out style, boredom, or another broken comb during a challenging detangling section.  Whatever the reason, I always regretted my decision to relax my hair, sometimes before even leaving the shop.

The regret burned so badly.

I want to enjoy my hair and try different things, but I hope to always count the cost.  If it is a good idea today, it will probably still be a good idea next month.  I chopped my locks off in the moment, but I knew for months that I was ready to let them go.  They were beautiful, and I miss them sometimes but I have no regrets.

I'll do what I want, but only if the impulse reflects what I really want to do.  Time will tell.

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