Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twisted bangs and a Bun!

I've been hunting for a style gentle on MG3's edges. Generally, her edges slide right out of her style and feel brittle. I love this twisted bangs and bun combination.

I used Fantasia IC gel to twist and a small amount to smooth her bun. Her bun fuzzes up quickly but it works well with the twists.


  1. Very sweet style and MG3 is so cute ... all your mochas are cute!! :-) Thanks for sharing. It looks like it would be a fairly quick and easy style.

  2. It was very easy! We'll definitely being doing this one a lot and some variations--2,3, even 4 puffs/big braids/big twists.

  3. very cute hair style! I want to copy this on my little girl this week! :)