Thursday, January 26, 2017

Skin Update: Change is coming!

Hey Mocha Family,

I am more than a week into weaning myself off of the proactive.  Initially I thought of going cold turkey like the aesthetician recommended, but after careful consideration, I realized that a lot of her advice could be sales pitch.  She had a line ready to sell me.  I did some research online which suggests that a slow process may radically reduce my breakouts.

My plan will be drop to once a day for a month, followed by every other day for a month etc.  After every two days I think I may be able to go cold turkey.  I will just have to see how my face reacts.

So far, so good.

I am down to using proactive once a day and trying out some popular natural products I ordered online and purchased from a local health store.  I have noticed one zit on my cheek, but wonder if it is from my new regimen or hormonal shifts that come with my period.

I will definitely keep ya'll posted!

Be blessed!

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