Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Police Rescue | Really, Lady?

Hey Mocha Family,
I praise God for my safety and how he worked out every detail in our favor.

How amazing that even my car which I forced through branches to jam into that hill as much as I could to get off the road, had no scratches.

I thank God for the calm I experienced in the heat of the moment, but the tears came in the morning. What a humbling experience! I could not help but to wonder why no police came for more than an hour. With everything happening in the news I couldn't help but wonder if my blackness was shining through the phone lines.

I cried because of all the cars that honked angrily instead of stopping to see if I was OK. I must have looked as if I had crashed into the hill, yet no one stopped. Just when I had lost hope in the compassion of my neighbors, two good Samaritans (college boys) stopped to examine my car and apologize repeatedly for not being able to do more. I kept repeating, "I can't believe you actually stopped! Thank you so much for stopping!"

In all honesty, I can't blame people for not stopping. I always find so many reasons not to stop.
1. My kids are in the car.
2. I don't know anything about cars.
3. They probably have a cell phone.
4. I'm late.
5. What if this accident is staged?

My favorite TV dramas make me a little cautious.

 Maybe stopping is not always the best option, but I will always be grateful for the person who drove away, but took the time to call a paramedic and the police. Otherwise I would have been stuck for more than two hours waiting for road side assistance, in what was a terrible accident waiting to happen.

Check out the details in the video!

Be blessed!

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