Sunday, December 4, 2016

How to Encourage Your College Kid | Cookie Luv

Hey Mocha Family,
When our son went away to college, his school started sending us offers for care packages almost immediately. We cringed at the thought of the Only One watching his friends open their packages while receiving nothing from us. The packages were expensive and we weren't sure if the Only One would truly be encouraged by the contents. Truthfully, he'd rather get a steak meal in the mail than sweets, but had someone send me Cookie Luv during midterms or finals I probably would have burst into tears. College was so intense for me.

Cookie Luv is a company started two sisters.  One of whom is my dear friend, Martha. You can choose quality cookies with wholesome ingredients to send to your child that is away from home. You may include an encouraging message and have a beautifully boxed package arrive every month with a paid subscription. In this video, we had so much fun trying the cookies with Mocha Dad, Head Mocha Girl and Mocha Girl 2.

They were moist and delicious!

This month Cookie Luv is offering 20% OFF on your order when you use the code CMD20.

Order at

Be blessed!

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